September is designated as World Alzheimer’s Month and Helpful Hands Home Care is taking this time to recognize those who are directly affected by the ever-growing disease by educating our caregivers and those around us. 

Alzheimer’s disease is an illness that affects the nerve cells in the brain. These cells die over time, which causes loss of memory, confusion, a lack of concentration and trouble completing daily skills. 

As caregivers we often provide services to patients suffering from the symptoms that accompany Alzheimer’s.  We’ve noticed that many family members feel insecure in caring for their loved ones.  This feeling is not uncommon.  Our caregivers are trained and experienced to care for them and willing to sit down and train family members.

There are new challenges daily. But understanding the disease can help cope with the changes and challenges.

It is furthermore important for family members and caregivers to understand all the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and to learn the different triggers.  Alzheimer’s comes in three stages:  mild, moderate and severe.

According to NIH Senior Health online, “Alzheimer’s varies from person to person. It can progress faster in some people more than in others, and not everyone will have the same symptoms. In general, Alzheimer’s takes many years to develop, becoming increasingly severe over time. As the disease gets worse, people need more help. Eventually, they require total care.”

Raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and asking the right questions concerning your loved one can make a huge difference in the long-term care.  If you are in need of a passionate caregiver or you need Alzheimer’s information, please contact Helpful Hands Home Care at (901) 405-1530 or email us at

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At Helpful Hands Home Care, we are making steps to reach our customer base electronically, provide local resources and establish a relationship with individuals seeking information regarding long-term care.  As we continue to communicate, we will post weekly blogs with various topics centered on home care.  We love our patients as much as we love an audience in need of home health care topics.  Stay tuned.

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